Donna Stowe

Roles at NAAEE:

T3 Fellow

VP of Programs
Earth Force

Donna Power Stowe’s extensive experience in education – as a classroom teacher, teacher trainer, and curriculum and program developer for several nonprofits, schools, and districts across the country – allows her to create authentic connections between classrooms and the real world. Focusing on developing and supporting opportunities for civically engaged youth, Donna understands the importance of youth voice when working to create life-long environmental citizens with the skills and attitudes to make positive lasting change in the world around them.
To balance out her hard-working lifestyle, Donna practices yoga, hikes in Virginia’s beautiful parks, gardens, and travels. One of her personal goals is to learn one new skill or take on a new challenge each year. The goal for spring 2016 is to ride in the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic.

Fellowship Project

Earth Force is developing an easily accessible blended learning platform for Earth Force educators. The goal is to provide virtual support and informational resources that help educators complete the full 6-step Earth Force Process with their students. The T3 project follows the guidelines of The Lean Startup, by Eric Reis, to develop a variety of online delivered products for a select cohort of early-adopter Earth Force educators to test and provide feedback. The products currently include videos and slideshows that explain and reinforce each key element of the six steps in the Earth Force process. This will grow to include a variety of supplemental materials, such as videos, activity templates, other online documents, and links to relevant materials from other organizations.