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eePRO is an online platform that provides environmental education (EE) professionals and students from around the world with opportunities to network, discuss important issues, and access high-quality professional development resources. Join eePRO to post resources, events, jobs, join groups, and share your profile with the community. Anyone can join eePRO! 

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What can I do on eePRO?

eePRO community members can:

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Individuals and organizations who choose to become NAAEE members have access to additional eePRO resources, including the ability to contact other EE professionals directly through their eePROfiles, receive discounted publications, and access to the members-only version of eeNEWS. NAAEE members also receive a discounted rate on their conference registration. Learn more about NAAEE membership, here >.

Here’s what you can access on eePRO:


Learning opportunities allow you to take part in online courses, webinars, and other educational activities. Many of these offerings are open to everyone. You can also earn credit towards badges on your eePRO account, allowing you to showcase your work to other EE professionals and potential employers. You can search and register for learning opportunities by visiting the calendar of events in the eePRO menu or by using the search bar to type in a key word. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find:

  • Webinars
  • Online courses
  • Workshops
  • Workshops at conferences (conferences are posted as Opportunities)
  • Degree Programs
  • State EE Certification Programs


Opportunities are time-sensitive happenings that can help you grow professionally, whether you want to apply for a grant or scholarship, attend a job fair, enter a contest, or attend a conference. Opportunities include:

  • Conferences
  • Career Fairs
  • Grants, Scholarships, Contests
  • Presentations and Publishing Opportunities


This section includes a variety of resources that can support your work in EE. Posted by professionals around the world, these resources include:

  • Classroom activities and lesson plans
  • Publications, including books, journals, and newsletters
  • Media, including blogs, videos, and other multimedia
  • Research articles in the field


Explore the latest EE jobs, internships, fellowships, and volunteer opportunities here.


Writing for the Web

Read this Harvard Business Review article, "The Science of Strong Business Writing" by Bill Birchard for suggestions on writing to reach your audience. 

Adding content to eePRO

How to add content to eePRO

  • Login to your eePRO account (or create an account)
  • Navigate to the add content page for your content:
  • Enter the required information on the form (and make sure to fill it out as completely as possible)
  • Add tags to your content (see “Tagging content in eePRO” below)
  • Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page

* For assistance in posting content, please contact us at eePRO@naaee.org.

Tagging content in eePRO

When adding content, be sure to include a tag. Tags make sure that eePRO users can find your content easily when they search. Tags can be related to geography (states, regions, etc.), audience (formal educator, researcher, etc.) or topic (climate change, diversity, etc.), among others.  You are welcome—and encouraged—to use multiple tags, where possible. This ensures that people searching in a variety of ways can find what you’ve posted. 

If you are unsure of which tags to use, or would like to suggest the inclusion of a new tag, please contact us at eePRO@naaee.org.


Developing a Professional Development Plan Using the Self-Assessment

Using Guidelines for the Preparation and Professional Development of Environmental Educators as a set of potential benchmarks, the self-assessment will help you reflect on your competencies as an environmental educator. Organized around six themes, each theme describes a knowledge or skill area that must be included in the preservice and inservice training of an environmental educator. Under each theme, general guidelines further articulate the knowledge and skills that must be mastered to gain competency in that area. Finally, each guideline is accompanied by several more specific indicators that suggest ways of assessing the abilities of new environmental educators, as well as the quality of the programs that prepare them for their profession. Indicators are to be used simply as examples and do not represent an all-inclusive listing of abilities. Suggested PD posts are linked to the plan.

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The Self-Assessment is linked on your profile page.


How can I learn more about eePRO?

To learn more about the eePRO Groups, check out the eePRO Groups page. Please read our guidelines on group participation

To learn more about the eePRO People, check out the eePRO people page.

If you have suggestions, concerns, or other inquiries, contact us at eePRO@naaee.org.

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