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An elderly woman with short white hair, wearing a green sweater, sits in an armchair while talking to an off-camera interviewer. Text overlay shows logos for the H2Our Project and 5swaraj, with the text "Spotted a dripping tap? This could be wasting around 5,500 litres of water a year!"
Marianne Borgers is interviewed by H2OurProject and 5waraj. Photo credit: Swaraj

CEE-Change Fellow Carolin Ellerkemp collects stories of water access and usage from community elders to share with younger generations. The H2Our Project encourages these youth to do the same with their elders, building on a greater public awareness and a more sustainable use of water.

Purple background word map that reads, "much, seeing, surprised, family, experience, good, waste, more, lot, fun, enjoyed, challenge, good, doing, environment, week, project, decisions"
Qualitative Youth Data from Waste Audits. Image credit: Shelley Shrader

Getting from changing minds to changing behavior is a challenge all environmental educators face. By providing our audiences with ownership over their actions—and consequences—we can successfully meet this challenge. Learn how New Orleans' teens did just that.