Moderator Endorsed: Affiliates
Moderator Endorsed: Affiliates

Affiliate Network Professional Development Webinar- Running Your Affiliate in the Cloud

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Join us for our Quarterly Professional Development Committee Webinar- Running Your Affiliate in the Cloud!

Date: July 7th, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm ET 

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Presenter: Brittany Wray, Education Director, Kentucky Association for Environmental Education

Technology can be overwhelming. There are so many apps, programs, etc. to consider that it can be difficult even knowing where to begin. Many Affiliates are running on a slim budget and need practical ways to manage their data, encourage collaboration, and increase effectiveness.  This session is intended to give Affiliates an overview of the resources available for free to all nonprofits through Google Suites.  

This session will begin with Google Suite for Nonprofits and include specific steps for how Affiliates can access this resource for free as a nonprofit.  Google provides an extensive suite of products that can increase the efficiency of administrative and back-office tasks, while also providing a way to interact and provide resources with members or other organizations.  Presenters will share about their transition to Google for hosting its domain, managing files, and more.  

Being a backbone organization means that a lot of our work is done on the computer screen, in a browser, a document, or a program.  Getting 50 emails a day can make it difficult to remember what you even set out to do in a given day.  Presenters will share how they use Google products like Chrome, Gmail, Chats, and Keep to stay organized and manage workflow.

Collaboration is made simple using Google’s core products like Docs, Sheets, and Slides.  Never worry about losing your work, overwriting someone’s work, or working on an outdated version.  Presenters will share the basic skills and processes for creating, managing, and working with these products, and provide a previously recorded webinar that goes into greater detail on the basics.  While these products are “browser-based”, presenters will explain how to edit offline, connect these documents to your desktop, and more.

Finally, we will explore some of the products just outside of the core group: Google Forms, Sites, Groups, and Classrooms.  Presenters will see how Kentucky uses each of these in ways that range from surveying board members to managing listservs.  Participants will be provided with a one-pager that includes a step-by-step for accessing these resources and ideas for how they can effectively use Google Suite for Nonprofits.