Blog Post Submission Guidelines

Are you interested in writing about environmental education (EE)? We are always interested in reading new and engaging voices in EE!

Our audience of EE professionals include parents, formal and nonformal educators, policymakers, researchers, volunteers, students, and more. Your blog post will reach an engaged network of environmental educators!

Submission Guidelines
What we look for: 

  • Word count: Approximately 400–900
  • Photos/Images: You must have the rights to any photos or images you use.
  • Style: Our blog posts cover a range of topics, but we are always ensuring that posts write about topics and audiences with respect. 
  • Content: eePRO is devoted to sharing the latest pedagogy and practices in environmental education. With that said, we realize that the field of EE is multi-faceted, and we are open to innovative approaches and intersectional perspectives. 
  • Link resources in the body of text or add cited sources at the end of your post.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions. Please provide linkbacks to the original post.

Our editorial process:

  • We will remove any insensitive and/or offensive language.
  • We check for spelling and grammar.
  • We may add a header photo. 
  • We may also tag posts to additional eePRO Groups.

Some examples of impactful, informative posts we love:

Not sure what to write about? 

Browse eePRO for ideas. Have you attended one of our eeWEBINARS and applied what you learned in your program? How did it go? Did you come across a resource and have feedback? Read something in the news about environmental education and want to share? We want to hear about it!

Ready to post? Contact your group moderator for details on submitting your blog post.