How do we create sustainable communities in an already existing older community that doesn’t like change? Part 1

Some individuals do not want to change.  Some individuals feel that they do not have the money or time to be green or sustainable.  Some individuals just really do not know what to do to be sustainable.  After over 25 years of working with adults and the general public on environmental issues I have found that most people really do want to do what is right.  However, as we all know folks can be swayed from doing what is right because of incorrect information or old fashion peer pressure.  With that being said, people can also be swayed into doing what is right and helpful to the environment by those same influencing factors. 

I asked a group of adults at an outdoor event recently what are some good influencing factors? Some of the responses received were:

1.            Grandkids asking them to recycle and change their light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs or LED’s. 

2.            Other individuals in the close community asking them to recycle. 

3.            Investing in alternative energy sources because it will help them get off the grid. 

4.            Turning off lights, turning up or down the thermostat depending on the season, and not letting the water run are saving them money every month on their already tight budget. 

5.            My wife makes me recycle and to leave the grass clippings on the lawn.  (this was my personal favorite).


What are some other reason or influences that people choose to follow to help the environment? 


In Part 2 we will be discussing the easy ways people can work towards sustainability.  There are some easy ways to be green!