Blank name tag

Inclusion Begins with Hello.

The popular LGBTQIA writer, Sinclair Sexsmith, thanks cis people for creating a more welcoming environment for social events with the simple inclusion of pronouns on name tags in their blogpost link below.  They also provide tips on other great places to include your pronouns that will promote inclusion, as well as how to continue cultivating your gender inclusion skills...practice, practice, practice:)

Sinclair's blogpost is located at

Also discover resource tools and participate in our eePRO group's gender non-binary/gender non-conforming discussion thread at


Thank you for sharing! I had only seen this in email signatures a few times and had wondered about its function but I am now adding it in!

I finally added my pronouns (she/her) to my signature line after reading this. I'm sorry it took me so long. I just hadn't prioritized it. Thanks for the prompt and many other important suggestions.


Great blog! Thank you for sharing.