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Help with Needs Assessment

The Mississippi Environmental Education Alliance (MEEA) is an all volunteer, inexperienced affiliate and we are looking for help from the awesome Affiliate Network. We recently attended the NAAEE Leadership Clinic and out of that clinic it was determined that the first step toward capacity building for us is that we need a Needs Assessment of our stakeholders. I would like to ask if anyone has a Needs Assessment/questions that they wouldn’t mind forwarding to us, so we don’t have to start from scratch? We want to determine who our stakeholders are, how they value EE, how MEEA can meet their needs and the needs of EE in the state. We want to include EE providers both informal at first and then maybe formal later. We also feel we should include organizations with environmental related responsibilities.

We are also planning to hire someone to help us with the assessment, if you have a contract that you have used in the past that would be greatly appreciated also. Thanks for all your help.
Deb Veeder
MEEA Chairman

Sounds Exciting! We did a membership needs assessment in 2019 in Colorado. We did a survey, a focus group, and 10 interviews. Our focus was on existing members, which may be different for what you are hoping to do. For the focus groups and interviews- we tried to be representative of geographies, different types of organizations (nonprofit, govt, museum, etc), and different sizes of organizations, as well as represent members of different identities and backgrounds.

I am happy to talk more about the process and what we learned. Email me at if you have questions!


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