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July Updates from the Affiliate Steering Committee

Hi Everyone,
It was wonderful to get to meet and see so many of you at the ee360 Leadership Clinic last week! We had some great conversations with amazing affiliate leaders and we heard a desire from the network to learn more about what the steering committee is working on! With that in mind, here are a few highlights from our July meeting. You can access the full notes from our call using the link below.

* The Steering Committee will be working with the Center for Diversity and the Environment through a one day strategy training before the NAAEE conference, to help us think about how we can be more inclusive and equitable as a network. We are looking forward to exploring our practices as a network in how we communicate, share leadership, welcome new leadership, and engage all the affiliates to make our network even stronger. Stay tuned this fall for more details on what we learn.

* The Affiliate Steering Committee has been invited to submit a grant to the Pisces Foundation to build the capacity of the network. We have just started brainstorming activities that might help us move forward. If you have ideas for strategies we should include in the grant proposal, email director@caee.org and I can bring them to the steering committee.

*We are working on providing more information to the Network about what different affiliates are doing! A small team is working on refreshing the Affiliate Network Survey. Expect to see it before the conference!

You can see the full notes using the link below! If you have any questions or there is anything you would like the Steering Committee to discuss or if you have questions about how to get involved, send an email to director@caee.org !

Thanks for all you do everyday in your affiliate!