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NAAEE 2018 Conference

Affiliates Dinner, Conference Welcome and Auction Items for the 2018 NAAEE Conference

*Affiliate Dinner
Tuesday, October 9, 2018, 7:00pm to 9:30pm; Price: $37
Join Affiliate leaders for a networking dinner at Luigi's Itallian Restaurant, within easy walking distance of the Spokane Convention Center. The Italian buffet includes a choice of three entrees, salad, dessert, and non-alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased separately. Price includes tax and tip. ****New this year: Pre-registration and pre-payment is required when you register for the conference. No cancellations or refunds after September 25. If you have already registered for the conference, and did not select the dinner, you can still go back and modify your registration through the link sent to you in your original confirmation email from NAAEE.

*Affiliate Welcome
Who: All Affiliates are invited to participate in the Affiliate Welcome.
What: The “Affiliates Welcome” is our chance to meet and greet the members of NAAEE and the folks from your home state or province.
Where: The Affiliate Welcome will be held in the Exhibit Hall at the Convention Center in Spokane, Washington.
When: The Affiliates Welcome will be during the luncheon in the Exhibit Hall, on Thursday, October 11th from 12:45 to 2:15pm
How: If you would like to participate in the Affiliate Welcome email Brenda back by September 28th .

The Affiliate Tables will be in a reserved section in the exhibit hall. There will be a sign on your table...look for your logo! * If you can, PLEASE bring something from your own state/province. Please note alcohol is not permitted. Remember, whatever you are “serving” from you table cannot be larger then a sample size, and per the convention center that is a 2 ounce portion or less.

*Please make sure to bring plenty of your Affiliate EE Program’s Information! (Membership brochures, newsletters, flyers, pictures, etc.) If you have questions please email Brenda at or call at 740-215-3376.

*Affiliate Auction Items:
NAAEE Affiliate Annual Conference Donation Challenge: Rather than bring a basket full of “stuff” in 2018, why not bring a certificate for HELP?

What services can you offer to do for another Affiliate?
Help write a newsletter? Run a workshop? Assist with citizen science project? Create a promotional video? Scan old photos and documents for their archives? Help with their annual conference? Pump up their social media or website? Send them puppets and teaching props? Grant writing help? Copyright free photos? Nonprofit management help?

PLEASE note: You do not need to bring a certificate for a service from your affiliate. You can always bring an item that has special meaning to your state, province or territory. You could also bring a gift card from one of your favorite local shops. NAAEE will be very appreciative of any item(s) you can donate for the auction. Thanks!
***Please let Brenda know what your affiliate plans to donate so that we can make a comprehensive list of Affiliate Auction Items. ( ***