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Anyone using TikTok or Reels for

Has anyone already been or has started to dabble in TikTok and Reels to educate audiences about conservation and behavior change? What has your experience been? Are there accounts you enjoy following that you think do a particularly good job presenting accessible, informative video?

Here's a short podcast episode about it:

Here's my first attempt for a how-to make a sustainable gift basket video (I recorded the clips and a co-worker compiled them and added the text and music):

I worked with undergraduate students last semester to dabble into the TikTok format a bit. Unfortunately, we ran into some logistical challenges being able to post TikToks, so we put them on Instagram instead. If you search Schmeeckle Reserve and watch some of the video posts, you'll see them!
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Hi Sarah, Great post and topic. We actively use all social media platforms and have had good success with TikTok and Instagram. I think one of the keys is to understand that each platform has a potentially different audience, to understand how to effectively use hashtags and account follows. Following accounts that align with your mission and audience targets make sense. For example, we focus on water and land conservation, in particular water quality and using native plants to support wildlife, so we follow native plant accounts, especially other local and regional accounts that focus on those efforts as well.
National Audubon Society is a great account to follow across social media platforms, we also follow Ocean Conservancy, Surfrider, North Fork Audubon and local news outlets.
The other thing we utilize is the diagnostic tools on each platform. They can really help an organization tailor their content to hit maximum reach.
I've linked on our reels for Instagram that has done quite well. This one was also on Tik Tok. Lastly, we may vary content for each platform.

Linked below is an interesting article with data about social media and which age groups/segments of the population use/prefer which platforms. I think it is important to think about the audiences we reach, AND the ones we'd like to reach with our programs and information. Knowing who uses what is critical.

Social Media Use in 2021
A majority of Americans say they use YouTube and Facebook, while use of Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok is especially common among adults under 30.