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Global Survey on Working Conditions in Nature Conservation

Researchers at DICE have launched a global survey to help identify "enabling factors and barriers to work performance in the conservation sector, which has critical links with organisational development and the sector’s overall effectiveness in achieving ‘on-the-ground’ conservation impacts."

It would be great to get the perspective of conservation educators in there! View the survey here:

Submitted! If you have any impact on this organization and their surveys, I'd like to point out that this survey, while fantastic, is not going to receive a comprehensive look at the situation as a whole without asking for further demographic information.

The conservation sector has a severe problem with not being accommodating to professionals with disabilities, as well as lacking diversity and sociocultural awareness-- both of which can greatly affect barriers as well as physical and mental/emotional safety in the workplace. The type of facility (zoo, nature center, foundation, etc) can play a heavy part in determining where issue(s) lie. I know each of those factors heavily played into my responses, especially with regards to my variable disability and accommodations impacting how physically safe my workplace situations are versus coworkers without disabilities, or with different disabilities.

Very good points. Unfortunately I'm not connected with them, and I can't find the original email where I received the link, but perhaps there's contact information at the end of the survey? That would be great feedback to share!

Unfortunately they had none and their website has only a telephone number and I'm on voice rest right now so can't be calling even if I use WhatsApp (I see accessibility is not something they're thinking about much at all). I'm sending a message to their Facebook page.

Edit: I reached the organizer! Silly me, if you just go to the main page of the survey using incognito mode or a different computer, you can still access the introduction that includes their contact information. They're OOO right now but I left them an email.