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Say Hello! Introductions for the Data Literacy group

Hi everyone,

I am Sarah Dunifon and, alongside Gustavo Requena Santos, we are the new moderators for the Data Literacy group in eePRO. We have just published a Blog post introducing ourselves in more detail:

We’re excited to be a part of this group and engage in conversations about the importance of data literacy. And we’d like to learn a little bit about you! Please take a moment to introduce yourselves to each other and to us, and comment on one or several of the following questions:

Where are you based?
To what age range do you teach?
What about data literacy interests you?
How do you engage with data literacy in your daily life or work?
What would you like to see posted in this group?


Hi everyone,

I’m also a new moderator for the Data Literacy group. I’m excited and curious to learn more about the group members and how we can better support you all with resources and ideas, but also sharing and learning from each other in the group.

Let us know what are your interests and how we can help!


Hi there! I'm the Education Program Leader at Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies based in Millbrook, NY. Our educational programming reaches k-12 audiences, but we work primarily with middle and high school students. My main interest in data literacy at work is with our spring Hudson Data Jam competition, where middle and high school students communicate data trends through art. However, we also emphasize data literacy through our school programming as well as our high school summer field research program (MH-YES). As part of this group, I hope to learn more about interesting and fun ways for students to engage with data.

Great to meet you Ashley! The Hudson Data Jam competition sounds really interesting. I'd love to know more about how students communicate data trends through art! Do they tend to use data visualizations (e.g., charts and graphs) or more creative/abstract ways of communicating these ideas?

Hello all. I am Heidi Maloy and I teach advanced environmental science and advanced environmental policy at Cary Academy in Cary, North Carolina. My interest in joining was to talk about large data sets and ways in which student's can find patterns in their data. We have been playing with tinkerplots some and excel to draw out patterns, but I am so open to other suggestions.
The use of art to show trends is used extensively in our Stats classes here and is so cool. I love that your program, Ashley, is also doing that.

Heidi Maloy
Heidi Maloy

Good morning! I am a new Instructional Coach in a STEMM building and I am hoping to gain more experiences and resources to support my teachers in grades K-8. I am new to the building, and there seems to be a deficit in graphing skills and data literacy. Open to any suggestions on how I can support my colleagues!

Hello all, I've recently started a new position as the Environmental Education Coordinator for the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE). We're the regulatory environmental agency in the state, and I'm interested in learning about creative and effective ways to share the data we gather in terms of monitoring, reporting, etc. to the public. I have a specific question I'm going to post as a separate thread :)

Hi Sarah, good to see you again! Our program staff do a lot of data visualization with maps and GIS - They've started to do some really cool work with Story Maps too - Here's a recent example that I thought was really interesting. Our GIS staff used a Story Map to explain how they use GIS in day-to-day work!,9349,7-385-90161-572478--,00.html

We're working on some updates to our Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support units, and I'd like to work in some more activities that students can do to practice working with data to answer questions. Looking forward to learning from this group.

Hello Everyone, I'm Willis Benard Nyangule, an Environmental Education Facilitator and Tour Guide. I'm currently based in Nairobi Kenya.
I look forward to learning more from all members.