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Feedback on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Session Selection Criteria

The proposal deadline for this year’s Madison conference arrived last Thursday. The NAAEE conference team would still welcome interested and available folks with five years of professional experience to serve as proposal reviewers. Reviewers typically receive 5-8 proposals to read and score (per strand), and it usually takes about 2 hours to complete the task (I enjoy reading about the good work that's being done in our profession, so I volunteer every year). Reviewing will start next week and there's a two-week turn around period.

How does this relate to diversity, equity and inclusion? NAAEE is striving to dedicate at least 15% of all concurrent sessions within each strand to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in EE. This year, for the first time ever, ALL reviewers will help identify sessions that meet diversity, equity and inclusion criteria (developed by this eePro Group) and recommend sessions that will receive a special icon in the conference program for quick and easy searching and referencing for conference attendees interested in this issue. It would be great to get your feedback as a reviewer using the diversity, equity and inclusion support materials which will be issued at the beginning of the review process. This is an ever-evolving review process and I sincerely appreciate those who may have the time to share their heartfelt passion, dedication and insight in refining this proposal review effort via the diversity, equity and inclusion lens.

Interested in supporting this proposal review effort? Simply click on the ”volunteer to review proposals” button on the top of your NAAEE account home page. Review strand leaders will then follow up with you shortly.

Have questions about the process?...Shoot them my way and I'll be happy to share what I know or I'll refer you to someone who is in the know:) Thanks a million for considering!