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Expand Your Classroom With Nature-Based Sensory Activities

Sensory activities are a great way to enhance learning by introducing elements of play, discovery, and creativity into the classroom. Explore the world outside or bring the outside in with these nature-based sensory activities.

In the article linked below, there are 4 example activities from PLT's Trees & Me: Activities for Exploring Nature with Young Children to help young learners ages 1-6 explore nature using their senses. Teachers can learn how to plan activities that meet the sensory needs of all students, including those with special or diverse needs.

Activity 1: The Shape of Things — Children search for the shapes and colors that define both our natural and built environments.

Activity 2: Sounds Around — Children explore the sounds of nature and imitate them using their own voices and instruments that they make together.

Activity 3: Tree Textures — Children explore trees and their parts using the sense of touch.

Activity 4: Follow Your Nose — Children explore trees and tree parts using their senses of smell and taste.