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Cheat Sheet to DEI offerings at 2019 Annual Conference

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope to see many of you in Lexington.

To help you navigate all of the great offerings during the conference I would suggest downloading the conference app, CrowdCompass AttendeeHub, so you can easily access the program. It’s available for iOS ( and Android ( and cam also be view on computers ( Within the App, you are able to search sessions by interest, type, and presenter. Below is an excel that where I have, hopefully, gathered all of the DEI offerings. However, that doesn’t mean that other sessions don’t relate. Also, please note that the conference is spread not only throughout the Lexington Convention Center, but nearby hotels as well. Please take that into account when planning your days.

If I left something off, or you would like to share an offering that isn’t list please let us know below. What is everyone hoping to gain from attending the conference? How are you planning to contribute to the impact and success of the conference? For anyone who’s new to the conference please check out all of the Young Professionals offerings! And remember that the social activities are just as important to participate in as the actually presentations.

See you in Lexington!

peace, love, and apple slugs


If you identify as queer or within the LGBTQAI+ community (or know someone who does) please join us for the first-ever gathering of QEEN, the Queer Environmental Educators Network, for LGBTQ+ identified educators. We will be meeting on Thursday, October 17th from 4:50-5:30 p.m. in the Heritage Ballroom 1. Afterwards, those interested are welcome to join us for an informal dinner.

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