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QEEN (Queer Environmental Educators Network) meet-up, Tucson!

Hi All!
I haven't seen anything yet about QEEN re-uniting now that we are back in-person. I was at the original meeting when the group was formed and I would love to see it continue. I am happy to facilitate some gathering time/s if there is interest. I am currently a CEE-Change Fellow and I know amongst our cohort there is interest in joining QEEN. I know Eileen was involved in coordination for Kentucky and would love support from anyone who has been previously involved in efforts to connect us all and create a safe space for this group.
- Long Live the QEEN!

Oh! I didn't know this group existed!! I, unfortunately, cannot make it to the conference in October, but would love to get involved virtually!

Hi, all!

Charzy Jones and I submitted to have QEEN included as an affinity group space during the scheduled affinity group times at the conference. We'd also love to have an informal social gathering at some point as well. There are some other cool things in the works with QEEN both at the conference at beyond - more to come! I'll get with Charzy and we'll plan to do an EEPro post with more information about QEEN/getting involved with QEEN soon.

I think we can absolutely figure out a virtual situation!
Yarrow, I would love to contribute to the coordination and organizing efforts in anyway I can, how can I reach out to you directly. I have a group of folx within my NAAEE Fellowship cohort that are interested in joining, many are first-time conference goers!

Great to learn that QEEN is reconvening at the conference--in person and (hopefully) virtually, YAY! Olivia: feel free to have your fellowship pals reach out to me before/during/after the conference--it can be a bit overwhelming to navigate for sure. Such fun to see the interest and enthusiasm for QEEN!

Hi, all - I just added two relevant posts that I'm linking in this comment. One is a list of current QEEN activities planned at the conference - but more is always encouraged! The other is a call for LGBTQ+ folks who want to have their thoughts included as a part of a session I'm co-presenting with Charzy Jones and Libby VanWhye.

As of right now, QEEN is fairly free-flowing in terms of "membership" - no requirements to be a member other than to be an LGBTQ+ person interested in environmental education or an EE-adjacent field. The posts have a bit more information on ways we've been communicating so far. Folks who want to reach out to me directly can email me at dearyarrow@gmail.com.