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Webinar: Tourism - a force for biodiversity

Green Key is an award for hotels, hostels, small accommodations, campsites, holiday parks, conference centres, restaurants and attractions worldwide. Green Key International is planning a series of webinars devoted to spreading knowledge about synergies between biodiversity protection and the tourism sector. The webinar will share best practices from the Blue Flag and Green Key Network.

Case Studies on Adaptation and Climate Resilience in Schools and Educational Settings

Preparing younger generations in Africa and worldwide is fundamental for building a climate-resilient future. Education encourages people to change their attitudes and behaviour and enables them to be part of the solutions, while also empowering them to make informed decisions. Climate change education in classrooms helps young people understand the impact of global warming and learn how to adapt to climate change, and can motivate young people to take action.

Whole School Approaches to Sustainability: Exemplary Practices from around the world

A Whole School Approach (WSA) provides a framework for re-orienting and redesigning education considering emerging global sustainability challenges. It invites a holistic, systemic, co-creative and reflexive effort by all stakeholders involved in education to meaningfully engage students in complex sustainability challenges. This report provides an analysis of practical examples of the use of a WSA to help achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) - Quality Education for all.

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Golden butterfly fish above coral D. Rosenstrock
Golden butterflyfish above coral

ESG, or environmental, social, and governance scoring relies on independent ratings that help you assess a company’s behavior and policies when it comes to environmental performance, social impact and governance issues. This blog covers the basics of ESG, including applications related to climate-change and pollution.



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ESG, or environmental, social, and governance scoring relies on independent ratings that help you...

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