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Environmental Education in India

Hello Folks,
I am doing a research project on the workings of EE in India and how it relates to health and wellness. I’ve hit a bit of a wall in understanding the relationship between the government of India and the national/ state level operation of schools. This would also include how schools receive curriculum and or resources for teaching (ie. Government-provided textbooks and their provider the National Council for Education Research and Training (NCERT).

If there is anyone that has previously/currently teaches in India and is willing to share information, I am looking to conduct interviews or collect any appropriate resources. In addition, teachers that have personally taught EE in India who would like to share their first-hand experiences potentially would be much appreciated.

Hi Katarina: One of the best people for you to contact about the origins, evolutions, status, and nature of EE in India is Dr. Kartikaya Sarabhai, founding Director of the Center for Environmental Education in India (last I knew they operated 17 centers around the country). You can learn about his activities and contributions at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kartikeya_Sarabhai ... or by running a Google search for him. Best of luck with this venture. Tom

Hi Katharina, I can put you in touch with teachers whom I worked with on the Green Teacher diploma programme when I was with CEE till a couple of years ago. They are more likely to have done EE. Can't say much about if they're able to do much EE now or the time they'd be able to give you as they seem to be very busy with the beginning of the school year in 100% online mode. This part of the country is still in lockdown mode. We can try though.

Dear Kathrina,
I will be able to share more information about environment education in India role of NCERT and State curriculum authorities and my contribution as Green School solution provider