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Global Citizenship Camp

I am looking for other camps, schools or classes around the world, that would be willing to zoom with the students who are attending my camp, the week of June 8th. I am hoping to have students, ages 11-15 talk about the issues that are facing their communities, and what is being done to fight them. I want the students to discuss global movements, and what they can do to be change agents in their community, and as a global citizen. I will be coordinating and running the camp and will be guiding students on how to be to act on things that are important and concern them. We are a small Colorado mountain community, and looking for maybe other similar small mountain communities, although open to all. Please reach out if you are interested or know of a program/person that might be interested. I would be happy to share the whole curriculum if anyone wants to do it at their location.

Dear Mandy,
I am Ha, from Hong Duc University in Thanh Hoa of Vietnam. Very nice to read your post.
Involving international students in solving regional/global problems together is great idea! I like this concept very much! I've been also looking for an international partner who is interested in this concept! Would be a good match for us. Should we contact via email for further discussion? Best regards, HA.

Dear Mandy,
this is Peter Dunn from La Lucena Foundation in the hills of central Argentina. Congrats on the initiative! We have been working on Experiential Education programs for over 28 years. Our focus is Sustainability and we now have a Global Citizens Project which is spearheading these ideas in Latin America. Let me know how we could support your program. Could you send me more info about the Global Citizens Camp? It's time to build broader bridges!
Please check out my last book, "Our Nature, a book of Unfinished Parables" I think you'll find we share lots of ideas...
I await your news...
Write to me directly at
Best wishes,