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Hello, everyone! In order to better facilitate your needs can you please share where you work, what role you play, and what types EE are you engaged in within your governmental organization. We would also be interested in what you need from this group.

Hello! Thank you for starting this group and this discussion. I work in Tacoma, WA, at the publicly-owned water utility. I run both our conservation program and our education/outreach program, which means I am often wearing both hats at the same time.

I especially look forward to the discussion of the tension many of us sometimes feel trying to "navigate the boundaries between education and advocacy," as you wrote in the intro blog. I think it is possible to support the guideline to help teach folks "how to think" while supporting our agency priorities, and I want to hear how others do that.

Looking forward to the group!

Rochelle! Happy to welcome you aboard, I am interested in generating some discussion concerning the "balancing act" that we in governmental positions have to perform. This can be particularly challenging during transitions of leadership although I must say that as of right now our agency is fully supported by our Cabinet leadership and feel as if we can accomplish a lot in the coming year.

My Name is Tammy Schwab. I work for a county government. I work as the Manager of Education & Outreach for the resource management division of the Fairfax County Park Authority overseeing outreach and education at 5 nature centers, 1 farm, 1 public garden, and 2 historic sites with staff. I have all the restrictions that come with working for the county government like strict procurement procedures and technology policies and on top of that we are an authority so we are responsible for generating revenue to support our programs . We are big into NAI interpretation like NPS but are a huge provider of EE for local Schools. Not sure if I fit in this group but I find non-profit folks don't understand the red tape we deal with.

Hi! I am the campus director and outdoor education coordinator for Lorado Taft Field Campus in Oregon, IL. We are affiliated with Northern Illinois University. Our program is primarily residential outdoor education with a few day-only school field trips and a few day camps mixed in for something to do in the summer. Our programs include a mix of EE, STEAM, outdoor skills, history, and team building. Like Tammy, I find the red tape aspect of working for a large state university one of the most challenging aspects of my job.