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Celebrate Earth Day With Community Science Projects

It's the Earth Day and Earth Month! In the celebrating spirit, Project Learning Tree (PLT) made a list of a few impactful citizen science, or “community science” projects that your students can do to help the environment.

From tackling plastic pollution to supporting the global food supply to observing local bird species and more—this article is your go-to guide to classroom community science!

The projects include:

- Survey the World’s Waterways for Plastic
- Identify, Dispose of, and Report Local Plastic
- Become a Member of the Litterati
- Embark on The Great Nurdle Hunt
- Find Out What’s in Your Drinking Water
- Report Potentially Harmful Cyanobacteria Blooms
- Enhance Air Quality Data Accuracy
- Advance Understanding of the Global Food Supply
- Contribute to Biodiversity Science
- Document Declining Insect and Bee Populations
- More Ways to Promote Pollinators, and MORE...


Hi Shuya,
Thank you for sharing this great information. I'm always looking for ways to engage students. I love the idea of having students contribute to biodiversity science. Next week I am taking my middle school students to a local stream to investigate the biodiversity of the macroinvertebrates. We are using the free Creek Critters app to identify and report our findings. I'm excited to try to this with my students.
See the link below for more info on the app.

Our Nature Detectives kids K-3rd grade engaged in Citizen Science Lost Ladybug Project search for the second year in a row. in March 2021, they were hibernating and emerged after Easter late April. In 2022, ladybugs ran through school gardens in February! This was a great and subtle way to talk about changing weather patterns and their impact on insects and wildlife from year to year without using the words "climate change."

ladybugs, rose garden, Nature Detectives, children, Citizen Science
We found ladybugs in the Rose Garden
ladybugs, rose garden, Nature Detectives, children, Citizen Science
Searching for ladybugs up close
ladybugs, Citizen Science, Rose Garden, Nature Detectives, children
Are Ladybugs in the bushes?