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Sharing and learning among our eePRO K-12 Group

Hi everyone, Happy Thanksgiving!

Sheri and I really enjoyed meeting some of you at our NAAEE brown bag session a few weeks ago. We learned that many of us are working in different sectors, but with the common goal of improving the environmental knowledge and skills of K-12 students. To that end, we are launching this new discussion platform and hope for a lively exchange of ideas and methodologies that might add value to others and attract inputs to your own work.

Please share how your chosen area of expertise reaches this audience and any special resources or tools that you have found helpful.

Thanks so much to all and looking forward to learning with and among all of us.

Hi all, I teach 1st grade in Berkeley, CA and run the blog I also moderate the Early Childhood eePro group. I'm on maternity leave this year, but when I'm teaching I take my class on weekly forest days to nearby parks and natural areas. These days are always the highlight of the week for both me and my students!
My work is mainly inspired by Jon Young's Coyote Mentoring. I first discovered his book at the Children Learning with Nature conference about six years ago, and it has been my guide ever since.
Looking forward to hearing more about the great work you all are doing!