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#eeHACK: designing and participating in collective experiments to improve EE

What are the biggest challenges we face in the field of EE? What's bothering you?

At this year's Research Symposium, the #eeHACK team will be running an interactive session to tackle the biggest problems in EE in innovative ways. But first, we need to identify those challenges. What do you think? Tell us your problems! Post here or on social media with #eeHACK. Remember, we want to stay positive and constructive as we face these challenges; so, we challenge you to phrase your post as a "How might we...?"

Thanks for this Lynne!

As educators, how might we reach minority groups effectively and make them feel more included in the environmental education movement? For example, in the USA, one example would be those that identify as immigrants or non-native English speakers.

How might we de-politicize environmental research and make preserving our planet a bipartisan issue?

Also, how might we clearly communicate the benefits of EE to decision-makers at every level? (A great example is Oregon's movement toward every student receiving EE . . . how did that happen? Who were the key movers and shakers and what did they do to influence skeptics?)

How might we think about EE beyond the "green" of natural settings, such that we reach more people and audiences? How can we make EE seem that is part of our everyday lives? #eeHACK