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Illinois Higher Ed EE Instructors and Faculty

The Environmental Education Association of Illinois is looking for higher ed faculty to join a conversation, and provide guidance, about the state of EE in Illinois institutions of higher ed.

The Environmental Education Association of Illinois (EEAI) is working to advance equitable environmental literacy and the implementation of environmental education in classrooms throughout Illinois, and we need your feedback!

Higher education faculty have a unique opportunity to ensure that preK-12 educators are prepared to implement effective environmental education before they even start teaching. Students interested in education are known as "Pre-Service Teachers". EEAI is interested to learn more about the types of instruction in environmental education that are already occurring for pre-service teachers in Illinois, what resources or services are needed to better support faculty, and how EEAI or other major organizations could make it easier to provide pre-service teachers with more instruction. These sessions will enable higher education faculty to share their vision of what it will take to have environmental education be more fully covered with their students, pre-service teachers.

Please consider attending an upcoming Needs Assessment Meeting--your input is extremely valuable. The information gathered from these sessions will be shared with the environmental education community in Illinois, regionally and nationally. It will also inform EEAI during strategic planning in 2023 so that the new goals and objectives of the organization are better aligned with the needs of Illinois educators and communities.

Sign up for just one session. These sessions are designed for higher education faculty working in Illinois colleges and universities.

Dr. Rebecca Frazen, from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, will begin the session by sharing how environmental education is implemented in coursework with their degree programs and other opportunities for faculty to engage in environmental education work.

After attending a session, participants will be invited to a follow-up session where the data collected from all sessions will be shared. This will provide educators another opportunity to share thoughts and opinions, and ensure their perspective was heard. Participating educators will be eligible for a stipend, other incentives and to apply for a scholarship to attend the EEAI 2023 Annual Conference.

These needs assessment sessions will be facilitated by a national leading expert in strategic planning in environmental education, Dave Chase.

Session Dates and Times -

August 9th, 9:00am - 11:00am OR 12:00pm - 2:00pm