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Music as a Tool?

I just read an article from the Christian magazine Sojourners (linked below) "EARTH IS IN TROUBLE. CAN HYMNS HELP?" and it got me thinking about how music could be a tool in both our spirituality and environmental education efforts (particularly when the two are combined). The article mentions the new Porter's Gate Climate Vigil album as a way to give people of faith the conviction and strength to do the hard work of climate action.

What are ways you integrate music into your spirituality and/or EE practice? Also, how has music given you the strength, hope, etc. to continue doing the work you do?

A friend of mine recently introduced me to the song "Sparrows" by Cory Asbury. I plan to integrate that and several other songs into my next Pearl Faith gathering. I think music can really penetrate the psyche and move the soul. Just having music playing while people are settling in for a program can help set the mood and the level of consciousness at which you wish to work. I love Jenna's questions and can't wait to see other's responses. I would also like to hear about which songs you may use.