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Request for Meeting Topics - eePro Group Meeting at NAAEE Conference

The Spirituality and EE group will be meeting during the October NAAEE annual conference. Please reply to this discussion with your suggestions and input on what topics to cover or discussions to host. Looking forward to seeing many of you there in Tucson!

Hi Sarah, I was hoping to come to the conference but looks like that is not going to happen. Is there any chance I can be present via zoom for the EEgroup meeting? I would like to share some of what I am finding out about neurological studies being conducted by Lisa Miller, a psychologist studying teenage depression and spiritual development. Miller actually started a group that is studying spirituality in education. I am looking at spiritual nurturing at the beginning of life in the hopes of preventing teenage depression. I was going to give a workshop. Now I am hoping to make a video but would also be happy to talk to the ee group on spirituality and young children and its impact on spirituality in education.
Growing Wonder and Soul to Soul

I forgot to mention that Miller's work looks at religion, spirituality, and nature as all providing nurturing for spiritual development and it shows in the blood flow in the red producing what she called a "red brain". It is super interesting!

I agree Sarah. I think we would probably short-change your topic at the October gathering. This topic sounds like it should be a headliner. I hope you will do a blog to introduce the information to our members and plan for a webinar soon after.

Since we might have some new folks joining us at the conference, I think it could be great to revisit some of the questions from our first virtual meet-up about what people are hoping to get out of the group and how they would want to contribute!