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Sharing Your Covid Stories - Citymaking in the Face of a Pandemic

Dr. Mariela Alfonzo, the Founder of State of Place, an urban data analytics platform, recently wrote a piece for the New Cities Foundation regarding the role of citymaking and public space in light of Covid19. She received an overwhelmingly positive response to it, including to the ten key implications, which ranged from governance, to behavior change, to the climate crisis, and to the need for a more “measured, data-driven, transdisciplinary approach” to citymaking, now and beyond. It seems like the piece is helping to put your - citymakers’ - thoughts into words, and more importantly, concrete actions around which we must all come together to both fight this virus and protect the “multitude of benefits tied to the joys and messiness of public life.” Likewise, she has begun to have discussions with citymakers worldwide about their own personal Covid19 stories - and have come to believe we must help amplify these voices and create a place where we can all share, listen, collectively mourn, and more importantly, come together so we’re equipped to take action, both now, in the midst of Covid19, and in its aftermath.

She is trying something new and and curating YOUR Covid19 stories here - which will compile and share with you all soon. She found a simple web-based audio recorder that will easily allow you to record your Covid story (just be sure to say yes, when it asks you to enable your microphone). Together, we’ll not only get through this, but create ever-more resilient, livable, sustainable cities - for all.