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Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Design Museum: National High School Design Competition

Join the sixth annual National High School Design Competition, challenging teens with: What would you design to create a healthier world? The competition is free to enter with entries due on February 22, 2021. Prizes include design process mentorship, a Family Membership to Cooper Hewitt, and the opportunity to meet with designers and other experts around the winner’s interest in design.. Please visit for further details.

Final entries must be submitted by students. This year, if the winner entered the competition as part of a class assignment, the winner’s teacher will also receive the opportunity to participate in one of Cooper Hewitt’s nationwide Design Thinking professional development workshops.

More about the Challenge:
Covid-19 continues to affect every aspect of daily life for people around the world—from going to school and work to spending time with friends and family and in our communities. In a time of crisis from public health emergencies and inequity, creativity and innovation become necessities. This is where designers (and you!) step in. Designers today are responding to the pandemic, especially as it disproportionately affects marginalized communities, and reimagining the life of tomorrow by rethinking our products, environments, services, and systems. So many aspects of our world are being redesigned—including personal space, public transportation, protective gear, home- and community-based health care, ventilation in buildings, assisted breathing devices, public health communication, and more.