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START: Sustainability Tracking and Roadmap Tool

The Green Schools Alliance (GSA) has been listening members' request for:

*A way to easily and methodically assess and guide the progress of your sustainability actions.

*Standardized and transparent metrics and language to track progress, set goals for strategic planning purposes, and collaborate effectively.

In response:

The GSA has spent thousands of hours in collaboration with educators, facility managers, administrative heads from both the public and private sector, researchers, and data analysts to create START: Sustainability Tracking and Roadmap Tool.

START is a high-performance digital platform designed to help schools methodically create healthier and more sustainable environments through their Educational Programs, Organizational Culture, and Physical Place. Built on the award-winning Maalka platform, START enables your school to track and analyze its current levels of sustainability across 50+ metrics, provides guidance to help you achieve your sustainability goals, and connects you with schools worldwide so you can share best practices.

While we have delayed its official launch and onboarding due to COVID-19, we are thrilled to announce that we are now ready to begin onboarding interested schools! If you would like to learn more, or to onboard your school, please fill in the short Google Form below.