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NAAEE 2021 YEP eePRO Group Meeting

For those who are registered for the NAAEE 2021 Conf/RS, we will be hosting a YEP eePRO Group Meeting on Monday October 4, 2021 5:30-6:30 PM EDT. This will be an informal and safe space for participants to share what they hope to gain from this eePRO group and this year's conference. We will also talk about how to navigate the conference and what sessions may be relevant to YEPs. Feel free to drop in as you are available. If you can't make it but will be attending the conference, below's a list of recommended sessions.

You can access this session through the conference platform, Pheedloop.

Unfortunately this session is limited to conference registrants (it's not too late to register, rates are as low as $30!), but we are hoping to host a lil tea time in November on the topics of HR, barriers to promotion, and pay and equity. We would love your help and thoughts in planning this event; if of interest, please email Elisa at

Hope to see you tonight!