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On this page you can find information about higher education programs and faculty that specialize in environmental education (EE).

This database takes a broad definition of what constitutes environmental education. You will find a variety of EE programs targeted to specific audiences, like residents of urban areas and Pre-K students. The database includes general environmental education degrees as well as programs in which students build the relevant knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career in EE, such as:

  • adventure education - using adventure-based educational experiences to foster learning
  • nature-based/outdoor education - education that takes place in nature-rich settings
  • place-based education - emphasizing connection to community and environment
  • sustainability education - focusing on principles of sustainability and community development

For more information about the field of environmental education, visit the About EE page.

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York University
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Faculty of Education

York University offers a Graduate Diploma in Environmental/Sustainability Education, which can be paired with an M.Ed. or Ph.D. The certificate is "designed to provide opportunities...

Degree Name Degree Type Degree Features
M.Ed. with Graduate Diploma in Environmental/Sustainability Education Master's
Ph.D. in Education with Graduate Diploma in Environmental/Sustainability Education Ph.D.
Graduate Diploma in Environmental/Sustainability Education Other
EE Concentration