Community Works Institute's 2020 FALL Institute


Don't miss Community Works Institute's (CWI) Fall Institute, a unique opportunity for deep learning, collaboration, and networking in a design lab atmosphere, with like minded K-16 and community based educators from across the U.S. Develop high impact curriculum and programs that engage students, using the community as the classroom. The Institute provides a unique opportunity to understand why Place Based Service-Learning works, how it works, and how to use it most effectively with students.

"The work that I did at CWI's Virtual Institute is already having an impact on my work as an educator as it's put me in the 'purpose-driven mindset'. I truly appreciated all of the practical, hands-on activities that I can share with my students this year as we focus more heavily on social and emotional learning."
—Kristen Harris, Teacher
Somerset School District, New Jersey

Institute Outcomes
participants will become skilled at:
• Using powerful strategies for using the community as the classroom.
• Designing student learning around personal passion and interest.
• Connecting social emotional learning goals as outcomes for learning projects.
• Infusing project based learning with a compelling civic and public purpose.
• Focusing on students as active contributors to sustainable communities.
• Integrating student voice and agency, reciprocity, and reflection.
• Using ethnography to explore human connection, inclusion, and social justice.
• Employing strategies for program growth, team building, and institutional buy in.
• Inspiring and advancing a collective vision and practice as a leader.

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