From Climate Science to Action


Hours for Learning Activity:

13 learning hours

Date and Time:

Monday, November 18, 2019, 12:00am


This MOOC has a week-by-week structure, with resources, activities and exercises for you to engage in during each of the four weeks of the course. Each week, you will find a variety of course material, including: •

  • Interactive video talks by renowned climate scientists and practitioners •
  • Interactive tools: the Carbon Footprint Tracker, (I) NDC platform •
  • Resources: Core, optional (deep dive) and fun interactives on the week’s theme •
  • Quizzes that check your knowledge, reinforce the lesson’s material and provide immediate feedback •
  • Assignments that will sharpen your skills of analysis, reflection and communication •
  • Discussion forums and social media that enable collaboration with others from around the world, enriching interaction among participants •
  • As a final project, you will create a digital artifact. 

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How to Register:

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