Public Speaking for Conservationists

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Transform your career by learning to speak like a TEDTalker, for greater confidence, employability, and conservation impact.

Do you worry about public speaking?

When you speak in meetings, conferences, or interviews – large and small – do you sometimes feel:

  • Anxious about making a good impression?
  • Worried about having to contribute on the spot?
  • Lacking confidence in your ideas and abilities?

You're not alone!

“Few of us are born with public speaking skills – but you can easily learn and master techniques to boost your confidence, be a better leader, develop your career and create more impact – and you don’t need to be a super extrovert to do it!” - Tara Phillips | Cause & Affect Speeches & TEDx Speaker Coach

Why is Public Speaking Important In Your Career?

Within conservation, there is a growing realization that we need to do much more to share our messages and encourage more support and action. As a result, conservation employers are rapidly looking for people with public speaking skills.

They want staff who can speak with confidence and clarity at meetings, conferences, events, and more.

We analyzed 35,857 conservation jobs, from over 100 countries, and 39% explicitly wanted people with public speaking skills.

If you want to succeed as a professional conservationist you need public speaking skills.

Public Speaking for Conservationists is a new online course brought to you by the team at Conservation Careers and taught by public speaking guru Tara Phillips, founder of Cause & Affect Speeches and TEDx speaker coach.

During the course you’ll learn:

  • How to start presentations well, time after time, giving focus to the content that will count.
  • Ensure that your audience connects with messages and findings both intellectually and emotionally, leaving them trusting and inspired.
  • Create helpful, clear, digestible, and attractive slide decks.
  • Speak in public with confidence and ease.
  • Use non-verbal cues that will shout ‘confidence’ to the audience!
  • Clearly and concisely make points in meetings and interviews.

After completing the course you’ll be able to plan and deliver effective presentations and speak confidently at meetings, interviews, and more, during your career as an environmental professional. Boosting your confidence, employability, and impact.

How to Register:

Public Speaking for Conservationists costs USD $395, however, if you join our first cohort before Friday 3rd June 2022, you’ll receive a 33% discount making the investment just $270. This includes the training, support community and full access to our jobs board.

Join Public Speaking for Conservationists and discover your speaking superpowers with a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee



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