Transformative Citizen Science for Sustainability

Group of three people near water. Two young women hold open notebooks while looking at a clear cup with water held by a young man.

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Transformative Citizen Science for Sustainability

Go beyond citizen-gathered data. Learn to design projects that actively mobilise citizens, policy makers and scientists to improve human and ecological wellbeing. In this advanced course, world leading experts from Wageningen University & Research share key principles and practices for Transformative Citizen Science for Sustainability. Join us and bring your own citizen science project to fruition.

Organized by      Wageningen University & Research
Duration              10 weeks
Certificate            Limited course materials for free, full package (including exam and verified certificate)
Format                 Online
Credits                 Certificate
Group size           >80

In this course, you will explore several such successful examples of citizen science, including projects on:

  • water and air quality
  • diseases
  • climate change
  • the loss of green spaces

Transforming society together

Well-designed citizen science enables citizens to collect, interpret and share data. Transformative citizen science goes a step further. It allows citizens to contribute to change on issues that matter to them. It is a process that challenges our assumptions and values, to co-create innovative solutions that can tackle sustainability challenges. It is not just about knowing and doing things better but doing better things.

Your project and WUR's Citizen Science Hub

Citizen science can be used in a range of contexts, involving multiple stakeholders representing the world of civic society, governance and education. In this course you will develop a deep understanding of CS, the diverse ways of using it in practice, and the principles that make it work.

As course participant you gain access to a community of practice established by the Wageningen University & Research’s Citizen Science Hub, in which practitioners engage and support the development of new projects from across the globe.

Having this expertise will help you in gaining a position in governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as in institutions of higher education, who are exploring ways to develop and utilize CS.

For whom

Are you:

  • a policy maker interested in developing broadly supported and informed solutions to sustainability issues?
  • a concerned citizen or professional working in an NGO or activist organization wishing to support citizens in working towards healthier, greener and more sustainable communities?
  • or an academic wishing to have more societal impact with your research by working more closely with citizens?

This course will help you take the next steps in making citizen science work for you. Enrol now.

What you'll learn

In this course you will have the ability to:

  1. Develop a plan for initiating and sustaining a citizen science project, including strategies and skills for communication, data collection and management, and ethics.
  2. Gain insight in the advantages of different types of citizen science projects, ranging from science-oriented to action-oriented, and the challenges of balancing citizen participation and scientific rigour.
  3. Understand trade-offs in engaging citizens in each project phase from goal formulation to project evaluation. Practical examples and tools are given for data collection and storage, and communicating for impact.

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