Animals Care for Mother Earth: An Indigenous Teaching Resource

Video Recording

Hours for Learning Activity:

1 learning hour

Date and Time:

Tuesday, September 27, 2022, 7:00pm


Indigenous author and artist, Bill Helin, will share his new resource, "Animals Care for Mother Earth: A Teaching Resource for Personal Development," which consists of six contemporary, interrelated stories and supporting resources for teachers. In the first story, animals cooperate to clean up a polluted pond. In subsequent stories, they care for each other in the aftermath of the pollution problem, demonstrating the strength of character and social responsibility. This resource can be accessed as a bundle that includes animal finger puppets and stamps designed by Bill, along with Indigenous Plant Cards.

Bill Helin is of Tsimshian/Norwegian descent and is a member of the Tsimshian Nation. His grandfather Henry William Helin was Chief of the Gitlan Tribe, and his grandmother Maud Helin was Chief of the Gitgeese Tribe. Bill spent many hours listening to his grandmother in wonder, as she told him many Legends of the Tsimshian People.

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