Breaking the Climate Avoidance Habit: Moving People from Anxiety to Action


Date and Time:

Tuesday, February 19, 2019, 8:30am

Breaking the Climate Avoidance Habit: Moving People from Anxiety to Action
February 19, 2019  -- 8:30AM ET

Seminar Description: 

We have a climate avoidance habit and it’s time to break it. A sizable majority (73%) of Americans know that climate change is happening; a majority (62%) know that it is human caused. But a majority (59%) also say they discuss global warming with their family members or friends “rarely” or “never”, according to Yale University & George Mason University researchers.

Drawing on insights from psychology, human-centered design and climate communication strategies, in this interactive webinar Dr. Mick Smyer will outline a workshop approach to help you move people from anxiety to action on climate issues. You’ll leave with a clear next step for your own action plan and a clear understanding of what will motivate your audience to succeed.

A healthy planet is your legacy: Pass it on.

About Mick Smyer: 

Dr. Mick Smyer is the former Provost and a current Professor of Psychology at Bucknell University. He is also an  Encore Public Voices Fellow and a Senior Fellow in Social Innovation at Babson College.

Mick is the founder of Graying Green: Climate Action for an Aging World. Graying Green links two global patterns: population aging and climate change. Graying Green works with older adults, climate communicators, climate scientists, and community and business leaders who view older people not solely as victims of climate change but also as potential leaders of climate action.

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Zoom Meeting ID: 722912491

We will be recording and posting the session to the Civic Ecology Lab's YouTube channel.