Deep Dive Series: Animating for the Environment


Date and Time:

Thursday, December 9, 2021, 7:00pm

Join Bow Seat for a Deep Dive Series webinar to explore how humorous cartoons can make environmental issues more accessible for all audiences. Hanji Chang and Andy O’Brien, co-founders of Puckerbrush Animation and Film judges for our Ocean Awareness Contest, will be sharing some of their work as visual storytellers, comedians, and animators passionate about protecting our blue planet.

Hanji Chang is a Taiwanese-Korean painter, illustrator, graphic designer, and animator. She also teaches animation at Maine College of Art. Andy O’Brien is a Rockland, Maine-based writer, voice actor, and the communications director for the Maine AFL-CIO. Hanji and Andy are the co-founders of O’Chang Comics and Puckerbrush Animation (formerly O’Chang Studios).

Puckerbrush Animation is a Rockland, Maine-based animation studio that has produced videos for a variety educational and nonprofit institutions including the US Geological Survey, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Louisiana Sea Grant, the Island Institute, the World Bank, the Red Cross, the Council on Foreign Relations, and others. It is most known for its award-winning series “A Climate Calamity in the Gulf of Maine,” which is about the impact of climate change on coastal communities and sea life.



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