University and high school students across the nation, along with faith and community groups, will tune into 52 simultaneous, university-hosted state-wide webinars on an issue critical to their future: how ambitious state and local action can put us on the way to solving climate change by 2030. Faculty across the country, and across disciplines, will assign these webinars as homework, using them as a springboard for discussing climate solutions and energy justice.

We invite you to #MakeClimateAClass and ask that you and your colleagues assign students to watch their state’s webinar and then discuss it in the next class. More than 100,000 students will be engaged in critical conversations about Power as clean energy, and also about Power as engaged civic action. Sign up at: www.SolveClimateby2030.org

#MakeClimateAClass is relevant to all subject areas and all levels of courses from high school to graduate school. Discussion guides are available for subjects including economics, literature, science, Spanish and philosophy.

Please note that event times may vary by state.