Webinar: Reuse in Action: Repair Fairs


This session will walk through step by step how our office coordinates this event with only a budget of $200! 


Alex Miller, Sustainability Program Coordinator, Carleton College

Alex Miller came to Carleton in 2016 as the first Sustainability Program Coordinator. Alex graduated from Bemidji State University with a BS in Environmental Management. At Carleton, Alex manages a team of thirteen student workers and their projects, including Climate Action Week, the Real Food Challenge, Trash Talking at athletic events, and outreach for the Utility Master Plan that is currently under construction at Carleton. In the community, Alex serves as the vice chair for the Environmental Quality Board, co-chair of the Climate Action Plan Advisory Board, and a member of the Community Action Center’s Board of Directors.

Emma Leither, Carleton College, Class of 2020

Emma works with waste issues and helps run the Real Food Calculator for Carleton. She is majoring in economics.

Becca Horwitz, Carleton College, Class of 2022

Becca is part of the waste team in the Sustainability Office. She helps run the Terracycling program at Carleton. This is her first year in the office and first time organizing the Repair Fair.