Webinar: Strategies for Integrating Climate Science into the Elementary Classroom


Date and Time:

Wednesday, November 4, 2020, 6:30pm

The Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN) is an award-winning national climate education effort funded by NOAA, NASA and the National Science Foundation. For over a decade we have supported teachers across the country in teaching and professional development around climate education.  The CLEAN collection contains free, online, peer-reviewed, NGSS aligned, and ready-to-use educational resources for teaching about climate and energy including activities, lab demonstrations, visualizations, and videos which are easily searchable through various tags.  We have *JUST* released a first collection of elementary-grade educational resources along with support pages for teachers to learn how to include climate into their teaching and we are hosting webinars to roll out the content.

This webinar will provide strategies for elementary teachers to integrate climate science into their classroom. Teachers will explore how to break down this complex and controversial topic, teach it across disciplines, make it culturally relevant, use it to inspire curiosity, and motivate students to develop climate change solutions.

This webinar is part of a larger series of webinars about CLEAN and climate and energy. Visit our website for details on other CLEAN webinars. 

Nov. 4th, 6:30pm Eastern Time.

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