Flying WILD Educator Workshop


Hours for Learning Activity:

3 learning hours

Date and Time:

Saturday, February 10, 2018, 9:00am


Flying WILD is a Project WILD conservation education curriculum sponsored in Georgia by the Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Resources Division. Flying WILD helps teachers by providing interdisciplinary, standards-based lessons that engage students in real-world learning.

By participating in Flying WILD activities, students will gain opportunities to learn and lead. Half of the activities in Flying WILD are designed to involve students as leaders. The Flying WILD guide includes suggestions, instructions, and resources for service leaning activities, such as holding a school bird festival and participating in habitat improvement projects. The guide's many activities can be used to teach classroom lessons or initiate service learning projects that help birds and their habitats.

Flying WILD has the potential to help capture the hearts and minds of middle-school students in Georgia by harnessing their natural fascination with birds. In order to obtain the Flying WILD curriculum guide, you must attend the three-hour workshop in Mansfield, GA.

How to Register:

For more information, or to register, contact Kim Morris-Zarneke or Amber Barrow at 770-784-3059 or email



Contact Email:

Contact Name:

Kim Morris-Zarneke or Amber Barrow

Contact Phone:

(770) 784-3059