15th Annual International Endangered Species Day


Date and Time:

Friday, May 15, 2020, 12:00am

15th annual international Endangered Species Day on May 15, 2020 offers biology, ecology, general science and other teachers an ideal opportunity to educate students about the importance of protecting threatened and endangered plant and animal species. In addition to classroom discussions, there are several ways for teachers and students to participate in Endangered Species Day (first approved by the U.S. Senate in 2006).  For example:

  1. *Plan a school-wide Endangered Species Day fair with exhibits.
  2. *Join others to plant a pollinator garden.
  3. *Arrange a special display in the school library or cafeteria. (See special resources below.)
  4. *Invite a local expert to speak to the school/class.
  5. *Work with a community/environmental group on a habitat restoration project.
  6. *Attend an event at a local zoo, aquarium, botanic garden or other location.

(See other school activity ideas—including what several teachers have recently done—on the Endangered Species Day website: www.endangeredspeciesday.org).

     Depending on your school schedule, you can plan events earlier in May (or late April) or on Endangered Species Day (5/15) itself. Once a specific activity is planned, the class can register it on the Endangered Species Day website or send the information (and your questions) to David Robinson, Endangered Species Day Director: drobinson@endangered.org

Be sure to check out the resource materials in the Endangered Species Day Toolkit on the website, including event planning tips, special Infographics, stickers, bookmarks, fliers, banner, passport, coloring/activity sheets (many of which can be downloaded and printed) and more

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