Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences 2020 Call For Proposals



Professional Development Workshops differ from symposia and panels in having a formal educational or professional development component that involves clear goals and learning outcomes as well as appropriate teaching methods. Content may include presentations, discussions, exercises, formal training, assigned pre-conference readings, or other methods of promoting heuristic goals. In 2020, workshops will be 90 or 180 minutes and integrated into Thurs-Friday and available to any single day or full conference registrant.


An individual paper proposal is appropriate for those wishing to share the results of research or pedagogical or program innovations. Poster presentations are designed for the presentation of research or pedagogical or program innovations in a less formal and more interactive way than a formal panel.  Effective posters focus on the main points of the research (the question, key findings, basic methodology); the main value of the session is the dialog between presenter and session attendees.  Presenters should be prepared to be present for the whole 90-min session.


presentation panel proposal must have a partial (at least 2) or full set (3-4) of participants. We particularly encourage sessions that include multiple disciplines, professions, and perspectives.  Presentation panels are designed for presentation of research or other scholarly AESS-related endeavors. When filled, they consist of 3-4 presenters who are each allotted approximately 20-30 minutes (including presentation and discussion).


Mealtime roundtables are designed to foster informal discussion around a topic of general and collective interest to the AESS community. Roundtables are scheduled during breakfast and lunch on Thursday, at a designated location in the conference dining venue. Because of the time limits associated with mealtimes, all roundtables will be one hour in length (however, they may continue formally or informally beyond the designated roundtable period).

Discussion Symposia

Discussion symposia are designed for focused discussion on important questions of interest to the AESS membership.  Playing off the original ancient Greek symposia, the emphasis is on in-depth intellectual exchange. Opening remarks are appropriate but it is not expected that participants will deliver a formal presentation. Discussion symposia are 1.5 hours in length, and will take place on Thurs-Fri in parallel with presentation panels and other sessions.  Discussion symposia consist of up to 4 participants and must be fully organized in advance. In only rare cases will the Program Committee add a member to a symposium.


How to apply/register:

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