Call for Applications for International Collaborative Research Projects

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Registration Deadline:

Friday, October 15, 2021, 11:00am


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The Japanese Society for Environmental Education (JSFEE) is calling for international collaborative research proposals on environmental education for July 2021–June 2023.

The purpose of international collaborative research project is to increase a body of knowledge through comparisons of environmental education conducted in each of the researchers’ different countries, or to discover new outlooks by having researchers from different countries participate in observation and analysis of the environmental education being conducted in one country.

All researchers will be eligible to submit research findings to the special feature issue “Environmental Education in Asia, Vol. 4” of the academic society journal Japanese Journal of Environmental Education (an English language online journal scheduled for publication in June 2023). Papers will be peer reviewed.

How to apply/register:

The application (written in Japanese or English) should consist of the following items:

  • Name, affiliation and position of applicant
  • Title of research (tentative)
  • Overview of the research, not to exceed 300 words
  • Roles of the joint researchers, expected number of joint researchers, and the names
  • of countries if the applicant wishes to have researchers from particular countries. (If a
  • sufficient number of joint researchers are already available and it is not possible for
  • new researchers to be accepted into the project, please state so.)
  • Names of the joint researchers (If some joint researchers are already committed to the
  • project, please give their names and affiliations. If no joint researchers have yet been
  • found, please leave this space blank.)
  • Name of person recommending the proposal.

The proposal should be sent to:

JSFEE International Environmental Education Collaborative Research Projects
Dr. Kimiharu TO (Aomori University)

The deadline for proposal submission is October 15, 2021.