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Friday, February 28, 2020, 11:55pm


graduate students to join my lab in our MSc in Environmental Science at Villanova University. A variety of potential projects include urban ecosystem services spatial modeling, spatial temporal modeling of green infrastructure, climate change  and local flooding, and the relationship between surface temperature, air pollution and urban structure. 

Our Master of Science in Environmental Science emphasizes integrated thinking and learning at the nexus of science, policy and human behavior.

As a graduate of Villanova's Master of Science in Environmental Science program, you will see beyond linear and fragmented approaches to solving environmental problems to understand the complex interactions between people and the environment. You will:

  • Understand fundamental and advanced scientific principles related to the environment;
  • Connect contemporary environmental issues with a variety of non-science disciplines, including the fields of social science, policy, ethics, humanities and religion;
  • Construct models to facilitate the understanding and solution of environmental problems;
  • Select and apply appropriate research methods and techniques to solve complex environmental problems.

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Contact Graduate Program Director:

Keith Henderson, Associate Professor

Telephone: 610-519-7907


Office: Mendel Hall, G67F

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Keith Henderson, Associate Professor

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