Proposals due January 25 for Environmental Advocacy Symposium


Presentations can be on the research, teaching, or practice of environmental advocacy, including strategies for effective environmental advocacy, working with Congress and elected officials, communication with and mobilization of the public, and diversity and intersectionality. We especially welcome presentations focused on cutting-edge and transformational systems-level advocacy addressing climate change, toxics pollution, biodiversity conservation, energy transition, and environmental justice. Multidisciplinary approaches, including disciplinary foundations in environmental communications, indigenous studies, psychology, political science, and sociology are encouraged. Presentations may be in the form of presentations, panels, workshops, discussions, posters, film or other media. We highly encourage undergraduate and graduate students to submit and come to the conference. Accepted presenters will be invited to contribute to a special issue of the Journal for Environmental Studies and Science focused on environmental advocacy.

Proposals are due by January 25, 2020. Please go to the website to submit a proposal.