Vital Matters: Applied Jain Ethics for Earth Day Virtual Panel Event


Date and Time:

Friday, April 22, 2022, 2:00pm


On April 22nd—celebrated as Earth Day—communities around the world call particular attention to the imperative to protect the environment and all living organisms. This program explores Jain principles and actions associated with the vratas or vows that govern pious conduct, and considers how these might serve as models for safeguarding the ecosystem and promoting food security, animal rights, and healthy diets.

Deriving from the Sanskrit word jina, meaning “a victor” over worldly attachments, Jainism is an ancient Indian way of life that emphasizes nonviolence, non-possessiveness, and acceptance of multiple perspectives. Our panelists will highlight Jain philosophical approaches that prioritize reducing harm to living things, including plants and animals. They will offer invaluable insights into the links between animal welfare, pollution, education, and public health.

This conversation forms part of the Fowler’s ongoing collaboration with Jain academics, educators, creatives, activists, and spiritual leaders, especially those living in Southern California, on the project Engaging Lived Religion in the 21st Century Museum.