YLACES Grants 2022


Date and Time:

Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 8:00am

Registration Deadline:

Friday, July 15, 2022, 5:00pm


YLACES works to provide environmental research opportunities for all students. However, barriers such as lack of school resources, unsafe neighborhoods in which to conduct research and physical limitations of students create obstacles to achieving this goal.  Further, the negative environmental consequences of laws, regulations and policies, such as pollution, often disproportionately impact vulnerable populations such as minority, economically disadvantaged and immigrant communities. Therefore, the 2022 YLACES grant guidelines are designed to: 

  • Provide equitable access to environmental research opportunities for all and 
  • Support citizen science activities that will improve understanding of or help to address the environmental and human health challenges faced by the local community

Grantees must commit to coaching students in doing research projects and sharing their observations and reports. Grants of up to $1,250 are available, although larger grants may be considered following consultation with Dr. Dixon Butler (dixon@ylaces.org).​

YLACES is soliciting applications for grants. Those working with youth to do research projects through environmental citizen science are invited to submit proposals for support to help acquire the scientific instruments or other necessary data collection tools or materials.​

To develop critical analysis and thinking skills, young minds need to experience the scientific approach of developing hypotheses, taking careful, reproducible measurements, and reasoning with data. Inquiries should begin early and grow in quality and sophistication as learners progress in literacy, numeracy, and understanding social interactions and society.​

While classroom learning will always be important, extending science education into the great outdoors offers unparalleled academic, physical, social, and emotional benefits for students. The environment provides a myriad of topics for research that are within the intellectual grasp of students across a wide range of grades and ability levels, from simple budburst observation to more complex soil composition analysis. Outdoor learning helps students hone their senses, instill a sense of personal responsibility, and acquire a greater appreciation for nature and the need to protect it. ​

YLACES' emphasis is on serving youth in the K – 12 grades.  We invite educators who are working with students both in formal and informal education settings such as parks or nature centers, in the United States and globally.​

In general, equipment, supplies, or materials available commercially and included in grant awards will be purchased directly by YLACES and shipped to the grant recipient. All equipment, supplies, or materials should be clearly defined in the proposal; if specific models or brands are desired, this should be specified in the grant application along with sources of supply.

YLACES grants do not fund staff time and transportation costs, and will only cover modest amounts for computing equipment required for students to record and report measurements. Grant budgets need not include instrument delivery, bank charges, and currency conversions.